We’ve revamped our cataloging packages.

Read more about the changes and why we made them.

We listen to our clients, and we pay attention to the problems they encounter when ordering. Adding new services is a priority, but we never want to make things confusing for our clients. That’s why we’ve revamped our cataloging packages. We’ve whittled the options down from five to two, so all you need to know now is how many MARC records you want with your PCIP data. Instead of choosing a package that comes with a set number of MARC records, you now order a PCIP data block by itself and add on as many MARC records as you like, for whatever formats you like (paperback, ebook, audiobook, etc.).

As part of our effort to streamline the options, we’ve replaced the Audiobook Add-On with the MARC Record Add-On. This reduces the price of audiobook records from $19 to $10 each. Though audiobook records require a bit of extra work, we’ve decided to absorb the extra cost in order to better serve our clients’ needs. If you previously purchased banked credits for Audiobook Add-Ons, those credits will be converted to two MARC Record Add-Ons each.

These changes will not affect the level of service provided, only how you add items to your cart and what will show up on your purchase receipts. Right now, we’re changing the PCIP data packages only; however, in 2018 we will update our MARC packages in a similar fashion.


A Note about Banked Credits

If you previously purchased banked credits, we will be updating your banked credit summary statement to reflect the new system. You won’t lose anything; in fact, if you have credits for audiobook add-ons, you’ll gain from the change. In the new system, we’ve done away with the Audiobook Add-On for PCIP data. Now, you simply buy a MARC Record Add-On. This means instead of paying $19 to add audiobook cataloging to your PCIP package, you’ll pay just $10. Hence, we’ll be converting your old Audiobook Add-On credits to two MARC Add-Ons each.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you have one banked credit for Full Service Cataloging (Single Record) plus one credit for an Audiobook Add-On. This would equate to one PCIP block and two MARC records. In the new system, with your audiobook credits converted, you’ll have one PCIP block and three MARC records.

All Banked Credit Balance statements have been updated to reflect the conversions.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact us.

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