What Is a MARC Record?

Most authors and publishers know about PCIP data — that block of cataloging information that appears on the copyright page of many books. PCIP data exists to help librarians catalog the book faster, so that it gets out on the shelves and in front of potential readers faster. But there’s another type of cataloging data that can perform a similar function and also get your book more online visibility: MARC records.

A MARC record is actually a special type of computer file. Unlike PCIP data, a MARC record is cataloging data presented in a specific electronic format designed for library computer systems. Each record contains the same data found in a PCIP data block, plus additional information not found in PCIP blocks.

NOTE: We can create MARC records for any edition and format of the book (as identified by its ISBN) that’s not already listed in WorldCat. MARC records cannot be printed on your book’s copyright page; if you want data to include inside your book, you’ll need to purchase PCIP Data.

While only you can decide if MARC records are useful for you, there are benefits to procuring them for your book:

  • Your book will be listed in WorldCat, the world’s largest online library catalog.
  • We also upload them to SkyRiver, another library catalog.
  • Libraries may be more likely to buy your book.
  • It’s easier for librarians to catalog your book, because they can simply download your MARC record.
  • Your book gets on library shelves faster.
  • Your book is available to library patrons sooner.

Your book’s information (including buy links and Goodreads reviews, if available) appears in WorldCat’s public catalog at WorldCat.org.

Check out our brand-new audiobook cataloging options! If your book is available in audio, we can create a MARC record specially for that version.

Important Notes

  • We do not require a copy of your book in order to catalog it. Our order form asks for all the information we need.
  • If you order MARC records only, we will schedule your upload for the next available upload date, based on our current workload.
  • We can’t guarantee when your book will show up in WorldCat; we also have no control over whether your book’s cover image ever shows up there.
  • We recommend getting an ISBN before we create your MARC records; however, it’s not strictly required (unless you’re ordering PCIP data too).
  • If your book is an ebook only, it’s not eligible for an LCCN. For print books, LCCNs are not required, but we recommend getting one. You can get your LCCN via the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) program and purchase ISBNs at MyIdentifiers.com.

Lock in Current Prices with Banked Credits

Banked credits let you buy now at the current prices, or at a lower price when we feature a sale, and save those credits until you’re ready to use them. We keep track of your remaining banked credits and they never expire. To purchase banked credits, just place your order via the payment buttons on our PCIP and MARC pages; you may change the quantity during checkout on the PayPal website.

Why do our clients keep coming back?

After a decade in business, we’ve met many wonderful people. Here’s what they say about us.

We have been very satisfied with the PCIP service provided by Five Rainbows and can count on them to deliver quality work, on-time, at competitive prices. We are a regular client and happy to recommend Five Rainbows to others!

Jeff Young, PhD

Publisher, Brown Walker Press

Five Rainbows Services has become our only source for CIP data over the last several years. Their prices, accuracy, and turnaround are superior to any other vendor we’ve used. I can’t imagine taking our business anywhere else.

David Collins

Senior Editor, Wingspan Press

What Five Rainbows provides for independent book publishers like ours a way to compete in the mainstream media world on our own terms. Their service is efficient and affordable.

Amy Hills Halberda

Literary Manager, Art Cannot Be Damaged Inc.

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