Our Guarantee

UPDATED: June 26, 2017

Every order receives a guaranteed delivery date, as soon as both your payment and your order form data are received. If we miss that deadline for any reason*, we’ll offer you either a 20% discount on your next order OR a 20% refund on the order in question. Since we’ve missed delivery dates only twice in the history of our company, it’s unlikely to happen to you — but we make this promise.

Your time matters to us. We guarantee on-time delivery to each and every client.

* If you fail to receive your order due to email delivery issues or problems accessing Dropbox, your order will not qualify for refund or discount.

Basic PCIP Data

Our most affordable package, for clients who need only a PCIP block to print on their book’s copyright page.

Full Service Cataloging

Our best value, for clients who want their books uploaded to WorldCat & SkyRiver in addition to obtaining PCIP data.

MARC Original Cataloging

For clients who want their books listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver, but either never obtained PCIP data or didn’t order it from Five Rainbows.

MARC Upgrade

For those who purchased PCIP data from us, we offer the option to add a MARC record later, even after publication.

Audiobook Cataloging

Purchase as a standalone, or add value to your MARC package with our new audiobook cataloging service & get your audiobook listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver.