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Need cataloging data but you’re not eligible for the Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) program?

Self-published. Indie published. Whatever your road to publication, we can help.

Our publisher’s cataloging-in-publication (PCIP) data services let you take advantage of the same benefits without the restrictions of LC’s CIP program. Our PCIP data is crafted in accordance with all current cataloging standards and Library of Congress practices, providing librarians with all the information they need to more quickly catalog your books — which gets them on shelves and in front of readers faster.

What’s more, with our MARC record services you have the chance to get your books listed in WorldCat, the world’s largest online library catalog, as well as in the newer SkyRiver catalog. WorldCat is available to readers as well as librarians via a fully searchable public website. Every chance you have to get your books in front of readers increases discoverability.

Why wait? Take advantage of our competitive prices, full suite of options, and fast turnaround times by placing your order today!

As a smaller publisher, we rely on Five Rainbows Cataloging Services for our PCIP data, and their product quality and customer service are consistently top notch. Recently we had an issue arise on our end well after our PCIP data had been created, and Five Rainbows could not have been more helpful or accommodating in making the changes. I highly recommend Five Rainbows to anyone in need of cataloging services.

Riley O’Neal

Editorial Assistant, Learning Sciences International

Welcome to Five Rainbows!

Thank you for stopping by to explore our suite of cataloging services. We’re sure to have something that fits your needs, but if we don’t, just contact us to request a special package. With a decade under our belts, we understand the importance of listening to our clients. I’m glad you’re here!

Lisa A. Shiel
founder, Five Rainbows Cataloging Services



A professional librarian with extensive training & experience creates your PCIP data in full compliance with all cataloging standards.



Our prices start at just $69, with bulk discounts available. You choose which package suits your needs, so you never pay for services you don’t want.



For every PCIP order, you receive a guaranteed delivery date so you know exactly when you’ll have your PCIP data. Your time matters to us.

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What are MARC records?

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