Cataloging Policy

When placing an order, you will be asked to agree to our Terms of Service as well as our Cataloging Policy and Refund Policy. Make sure you read all of these documents and understand them before placing an order.



PCIP data, as with all cataloging, must follow the guidelines established by all current published and recognized standards in order to maintain consistency and accuracy in cataloging. Without these guidelines, cataloging records would vary wildly from library to library, resulting in confusing and possibly contradictory information. We also must adhere to the stringent requirements for MARC records.

We stay up-to-date on the latest developments in library cataloging; however, implementation of changes is at our discretion and happens according to our company-specific timeline.



You agree to absolve us of any responsibility or damages, real or perceived, stemming from your failure to read and comply with our Cataloging Policy and/or your failure to provide accurate, complete information about your book.



We rely on the information you provide to us in our order forms to ensure accurate cataloging of your book. If you provide misleading or erroneous information, we cannot properly catalog your book. We bear no responsibility for errors resulting from incorrect information provided by you. We may or may not correct these errors at your request, and an additional fee may apply if we do so.



We allow clients two business days, beginning on their guaranteed delivery date, to review their PCIP data and report any errors to us.

We reserve the sole and exclusive right to decide if errors are of our doing or not.

Clients do not receive copies of MARC records and no review is possible, due to the format of the records.



We provide PCIP data to you in the standard format drafted by the Library of Congress. You agree to all of the following conditions.

Do not alter the relative indention, alignment, capitalization, and punctuation of your PCIP data block, although you may use whatever font and text size suits your design.

Do not alter or remove the statement “Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication Data” that appears at the top of your PCIP data block. Only cataloging data created by the Library of Congress may bear the designation “Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data.” Using the LC name for data acquired elsewhere may cause LC to ban you from using any of their services, including the PCN program.

Do not include a statement that cataloging data is on file. Include the full PCIP block on your copyright page instead. Even the Library of Congress prohibits the use of this statement because it is confusing to librarians, who must figure out where it’s on file.



PCIP data and MARC records must include only subject headings found in the authorized list of Library of Congress subject headings, as well as various approved thesauruses of specialized headings, such as those maintained by BISAC. We cannot create new subject headings; only the organizations responsible for creating and maintaining these thesauruses may do so.

Call numbers must be derived from either the Library of Congress Classification or the Dewey Decimal Classification. We cannot create new numbers; only the Library of Congress and OCLC may add new base numbers to these lists.

With both subject headings and call numbers, numerous alternative choices exist. Based on the information you provide to us, we select the most appropriate authorized headings and call numbers for your book. We reserve the sole and exclusive right to decide which headings and call numbers are most appropriate for your book.



  1. PCIP Data & MARC Records

We will fix any mistakes due to our error at no cost; however, if we deem the error to be not of our doing, an additional fee may apply to correct it. We do not change PCIP data simply because the client prefers a different subject heading or call number. Clients pay for our expertise and experience, and our primary goal is to serve the best interests of librarians and library patrons, the ultimate consumers of the data in a PCIP block or MARC records.

  1. WorldCat Listings

If you notice errors in your WorldCat listing, we will verify whether the error occurred in the MARC record we uploaded. If it did, and the error was of our doing, we will fix it at no charge. However, if the error was not of our doing, we may or may not attempt to correct it. If we do attempt to upload a corrected file, an additional fee may apply.



If a portion of the information about your book changes prior to publication, we will consider updating the cataloging data for you, provided it has been not more than six months since we completed your original order (i.e., your assigned delivery date). If we update the data for you, we may or may not charge an additional fee, depending on the complexity of the task.



If we charge an additional fee to correct an error, the cost will be no less than $10 and may vary based on the complexity of the changes. We will always tell you upfront how much the fee will be.



You may request error corrections via our contact form or via email, but any emails must be sent to the address from which you received your order confirmation. When requesting error corrections, it is your responsibility to let us know whether the book has already been published.