Basic PCIP Data

Our most affordable package, for clients who need only a PCIP block to print on their book's copyright page.

Full Service Cataloging

Our best value, for clients who want their books uploaded to WorldCat & SkyRiver in addition to obtaining PCIP data.

MARC Original Cataloging

For clients who want their books listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver, but either never obtained PCIP data or didn't order it from Five Rainbows.

MARC Upgrade

For those who purchased PCIP data from us, we offer the option to add a MARC record later, even after publication.

Audiobook Cataloging

Purchase as a standalone, or add value to your MARC package with our new audiobook cataloging service & get your audiobook listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver.

Our Packages and Pricing

We offer you the freedom to choose which level of service you need, instead of boxing you into a preset package. Need something different? We can create a personalized package just for you. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Check out our suite of affordable services below.

Does the PCIP order form seem daunting? Do you have trouble deciding which keywords best describe your book? If you answer yes to either of these questions, we can help.

Introducing Concierge Cataloging

With our new Concierge Cataloging service, we do all the work for you. Simply send us your full book, in electronic form, and we’ll take it from there. To learn more about how it works, please visit our Concierge Cataloging page.

The basic Concierge Cataloging includes only a PCIP data block; however, we offer you the option of adding up to three MARC records with our single, double, and triple record packages:

Concierge Cataloging, Single Record (1 MARC record): $309

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Concierge Cataloging, Double Record (2 MARC record): $319

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Concierge Cataloging, Triple Record (3 MARC record): $329

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Why do our clients keep coming back?

After a decade in business, we’ve met many wonderful people. Here’s what they say about us.

As a smaller publisher, we rely on Five Rainbows Cataloging Service for our PCIP data, and their product quality and customer service are consistently top notch. Recently we had an issue arise on our end well after our PCIP data had been created, and Five Rainbows could not have been more helpful or accommodating in making the changes. I highly recommend Five Rainbows to anyone in need of cataloging services.

Riley O’Neal

Editorial Assistant, Learning Sciences International

We have been very satisfied with the PCIP service provided by Five Rainbows and can count on them to deliver quality work, on-time, at competitive prices. We are a regular client and happy to recommend Five Rainbows to others!

Jeff Young, PhD

Publisher, Brown Walker Press

Five Rainbows Services has become our only source for Cataloging-in-Publication data over the last several years. Their prices, accuracy and turnaround are superior to any other vendor we’ve used. They’ve saved us hundreds of dollars and countless hours. I can’t imagine taking our business anywhere else.

David Collins

Senior Editor, Wingspan Press

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCIP data?

PCIP stands for Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication data. PCIP data is a block of specialized information that appears on the copyright page of a book. It’s modeled after the Library of Congress’s Cataloging-in-Publication program, which provides bibliographic records (aka cataloging data) for books prior to publication. Publishers and authors not eligible for LC’s CIP program may obtain PCIP data for their books from non-LC vendors.

A bibliographic record is like the driver’s license for your book. It provides the vital statistics that identify and describe your book to help librarians catalog it, which helps readers find your book in a library catalog. The bibliographic record for a book includes data such as the title and subtitle, author’s name, ISBN(s), multiple types of subject headings, LC and Dewey Decimal call numbers, and more.

CIP data is a bibliographic record created before a book is published, and PCIP refers to any CIP data not created by the Library of Congress.

How long will it take to get my PCIP data?

When we receive both your payment and your order form submission, we will provide a guaranteed delivery date for your PCIP data. We schedule all orders within 5-10 business days.

If you absolutely must have your PCIP by a specific date, please contact us first to make sure we can accommodate your schedule. Please don’t place an order if you need it on a specific date, unless you’ve already received the go-ahead from us. Though we don’t provide expedited service, we do our very best to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Should I send you my whole book?

No, it’s not necessary. To provide the fastest possible service, we catalog your book using the information you provide on our PCIP order form. We rely on you to transcribe the title, subtitle, and author information exactly as it appears on your book’s title page so that the information in the PCIP data will match the information found on the title page, per cataloging guidelines.

Because we don’t examine the entire book, the description you provide to us is vital for ensuring accurate cataloging. We’re not looking for marketing copy or the description found on the back cover of your book. What we need is a brief explanation of the book’s content, including significant concepts or plot elements. This information remains confidential and is used only to aid in proper cataloging of your book.

Can you create PCIP data for my book if I don’t have an LCCN yet?

Absolutely. We will insert [LCCN] in the appropriate position as a placeholder. It’s then up to you to replace that with your actual LCCN when you receive it. Please note that we can’t assign an LCCN to your book; only the Library of Congress may do that.

Will I be able to review my PCIP data after it’s finished?

Yes. You will have two business days after receipt of your PCIP data to review it and request error corrections. We will gladly fix any errors made on our part; however, an additional fee may be incurred if you ask us to correct any other errors or if you want us to research questions about the subject headings and/or call numbers chosen for your book. In either case, completing the work may require extra time to complete, as we must fit the work into our existing schedule.

My book has already been published. Can I still get PCIP data?

If you are updating your book’s interior, you may order PCIP data and add it to your book’s copyright page. If you’re not updating the book, we suggest you order one of our MARC record packages instead, which gets your book into WorldCat and SkyRiver.