Basic PCIP Data

Our most affordable package, for clients who need only a PCIP block to print on their book’s copyright page.

Full Service Cataloging

Our best value, for clients who want their books uploaded to WorldCat & SkyRiver in addition to obtaining PCIP data.

MARC Original Cataloging

For clients who want their books listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver, but either never obtained PCIP data or didn’t order it from Five Rainbows.

MARC Upgrade

For those who purchased PCIP data from us, we offer the option to add a MARC record later, even after publication.

Audiobook Cataloging

Purchase as a standalone, or add value to your MARC package with our new audiobook cataloging service & get your audiobook listed in WorldCat & SkyRiver.

What Is PCIP Data?

Self-published authors and many small publishers cannot request Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) data, due to LC policy. This data, which appears on the book’s copyright page, assists librarians in cataloging and shelving books, speeding up the process. In lieu of LC CIP data, you may include a Publisher’s CIP (PCIP) block.

While only you can decide if PCIP data is useful for you, there are numerous benefits to procuring a PCIP block for your book:

  • Your book looks professional.
  • Libraries may be more likely to buy your book.
  • It’s easier for librarians to catalog your book.
  • Your books gets on library shelves faster.
  • Your book is available to library patrons sooner.

With our Full Service Cataloging options, you get even more benefits:

  • Five Rainbows creates 1 to 3 MARC records for your book.
  • We upload these records to WorldCat, the world’s largest online library catalog.
  • We also upload them to SkyRiver, another library catalog.
  • Libraries may be more likely to buy your book.
  • Your books gets on library shelves faster.
  • Your book is available to library patrons sooner.
  • Your book’s information (including buy links and Goodreads reviews, if available) appears in WorldCat’s public catalog at

Important Notes

  • We do not require a copy of your book in order to catalog it. Our order form asks for all the information we need.
  • We schedule orders on a first come, first served basis. After placing your order, you will receive your guaranteed delivery date. Our turnaround time varies based on our workload.
  • You must have an ISBN before we can create your PCIP data; however, if you’re book will be a private printing not for general sale, we can make an exception.
  • LCCNs are not required, but we recommend getting one. You can get your LCCN via the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) program and purchase ISBNs at

Lock in Current Prices with Banked Credits

Banked credits let you buy now at the current prices, or at a lower price when we feature a sale, and save those credits until you’re ready to use them. We keep track of your remaining banked credits and they never expire. To purchase banked credits, just place your order via the payment buttons on our PCIP and MARC pages; you may change the quantity during checkout on the PayPal website.

Why do our clients keep coming back?

After a decade in business, we’ve met many wonderful people. Here’s what they say about us.

We have been very satisfied with the PCIP service provided by Five Rainbows and can count on them to deliver quality work, on-time, at competitive prices. We are a regular client and happy to recommend Five Rainbows to others!

Jeff Young, PhD

Publisher, Brown Walker Press

Five Rainbows Services has become our only source for Cataloging-in-Publication data over the last several years. Their prices, accuracy and turnaround are superior to any other vendor we’ve used. They’ve saved us hundreds of dollars and countless hours. I can’t imagine taking our business anywhere else.

David Collins

Senior Editor, Wingspan Press